Selling damaged cars for cash is a big cause of concern for the owners nowadays. Private dealers who buy junk cars do not pay a good amount of cash for damaged cars even if they are refurbished. You might be amongst many of those who put efforts to sell their wrecked cars for cash but in vain. You would have spent a good sum to get your damaged car into shape to increase its resale value. If you still find it difficult to sell your damaged car for cash, Car Cash Depot is here to help you. We are an expert in buying junk cars anywhere in the USA. We not only buy junk cars but also damaged, totaled, and wrecked cars for cash.
Car Cash Depot is proud to be the topmost place that has been buying wrecked cars for cash for almost 30 years.

How to Sell Damaged Cars for Cash

When you think of selling your damaged or wrecked car you have a lot of questions in your mind. We have answers to all your questions related to selling damaged cars for cash. Some of your most important concerns related to selling your damaged car for cash are-
• Where to sell my damaged car?
You may have a lot of options both offline and online to sell your damaged car for cash. But the major dilemma that you go through is which source you should trust. It is always recommended to sell your damaged car to a trusted and authorized source that buys junk cars. With Car Cash Depot you need not run around to find genuine junk car buyers. We are a trusted source for selling your damaged car for cash.
• What is the worth of my damaged car?
There are many online car value estimation websites that can help you find the worth of your damaged car before selling it. You can also compare the values of other car models with your car. We estimate the worth of your damaged car easily when you choose us to sell your damaged car for cash. This way you can save a lot of your precious time.
• What free services will I get?
When you sell your wrecked car to private dealerships you may have to bear the towing charges. Or you may have to drive your damaged car to the dealers on your own which is another burden. With Car Cash Depot you need not pay for towing or tow it yourself. We provide free pick-up and towing facility to our customers. You will also get an instant payment just as you present the keys and title to our representative.

Sell your Damaged Car for Cash anywhere in the USA

Car Cash Depot is a well-established junk car removal business spread across the USA with about 400 offices. From almost anywhere in the country you can sell your damaged car for cash without any hassle. You need to call us or fill our Get a Quote online form to begin the process of selling your damaged car for cash. We specialize in buying damaged cars which are non-running or even worse. If you own an SUV or a truck we can even buy that from you and pay you in return. We won’t let you wait for long after you contact us to pick-up your damaged car. We revert back to the best price offer in less than 24 hours. We look forward to providing you the best price and pick-up service for your damaged car. At the same time, you have the responsibility of sharing genuine information about your damaged car. You should also make available a proper proof of ownership of your damaged car no matter how old it is. It is an important pre-requisite to sell your damaged car for cash to us. In most states, having an ownership proof even when selling your damaged car is mandatory.
With Car Cash Depot selling your damaged car for cash has become easier than ever. So fill our online Get a Quote and get rid of your damaged car within the next 24 hours.