The businesses that take junk damaged cars for cash were both able to come over the next day and give me the price they would pay me for my car. One of them offered me a slightly higher amount and I decided to sell my car to them. They were able to get the junk car out of my driveway and out of my sight the same day. They also paid me in cash the same day for my vehicle too. I am glad I got rid of that headache and it was so easy to do.

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Dallas Texas

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Junked Damaged Cars For Cash in Dallas 75310

I was able to use the money that I got out of my junk car to put down on a new car. Of course, it really wasn't that much, but it made up for some of the cost of it. I had some money in savings and used this money too. I was able to get an affordable car that was newer which made me pretty happy even though I really didn't want the payment.

There are people that restore cars as a hobby. If you have an older vehicle, someone may want to buy it so that they can fix it up. Even badly damaged cars can be restored.

If you decide to accept that offer, you'll have to get your old car in the hands of the buyers. A lot of companies will actually come to you and tow the car away. This can be a big help if the car doesn't run anymore.

Do you have a junk car in Dallas Texas ?

You’re in luck, as CAR CASH DEPOT offers car removal and cash for junk cars, trucks, vans and other clunkers in and around the Dallas, Texas region.

With our auto cars for cash car recycling program, you can trade your damaged car for cash! Even if it doesn’t run, CAR CASH DEPOT will give you cash for junk cars in Texas!

Do you have any old, used, unreliable, unwanted car, truck, or van that you can’t sell or simply don’t have time to deal with it? Would you like to turn that hunk of junk into extra CASH TODAY? Why not make one simple call and make that old pile of junk disappear and put money in your pocket at the same time? We can guarantee that the junk car, truck, or van you have can’t help you pay rent or put food on the table unless you sell it today! So what are you waiting for…CALL CAR CASH DEPOT NOW and put a smile on your face!CAR CASH DEPOT

With over 30 years in the auto salvage industry, owner Chris Shaw knows better than anyone how to give you the highest dollar amount for your junk car, junk truck, or junk van in Dallas Texas. If you receive a quote over the phone for that pile of junk, that is what you will receive (providing you were 100% exact on your description).

With guaranteed pricing and free towing…what are you waiting for?

How does it work?

Simply contact CAR CASH DEPOT with the make, model, and year of the vehicle and we will provide you with a quote on the spot. CAR CASH DEPOT uses state of the art technologies connected to the most up to date databases in the United States to give you the highest dollar amount for your junk car. Therefore, within minutes, we’ll give you an offer. Only once you are happy with our offer will we require additional information. We do not require that you drive or tow the junk car, truck, or van to an inspection station and waste your time and gas…we only ask that you CALL simply give us a call 1 (888) 326-1660 so we can give you a live quote.

Car Cash Depot - the USA’s premier online car buying service - where valuing and selling your car could not be easier and there is never any hidden fees.

At Car Cash Depot, we buy any car, truck or van regardless of the make, model, mileage, age or condition - when we agree on amount you will be paid, we will collect your vehicle from anywhere in the country for FREE.

To ‘value your car’, simply enter your vehicle registration number (VIN) into the box above, and provide us with some details about the car, including vehicle ownership details - it takes just 30 SECONDS. Then sit back and we will do the rest.

Once we have valued your car and - if you are happy with the price - we will arrange to pick up your vehicle at a time and place that meets your schedule.

When you ‘sell your vehicle’ to Car Cash Depot, we will collect your car from your home or work - and we never take it away until you have been paid. There are no administration or collection fees and if you change your mind, no problem. There are no cancellation fees either.

Established in the United States in 1984, Chris Shaw, Owner of Car Cash Depot was the first and only car-buying guy in the US and since then a lot of copy-cat buyers have tried to replicate his business but all fall short of some of the most important aspects in the business…superior customer service! Chris Shaw came up with the concept of offering a service that gave car owners the option of selling their cars online in an easy and fast way without the hassle of what is involved when selling a car privately.

That is why, for years, Mr. Shaw remains the USA’s most trusted online car buyer and the best for valuing your car and selling your car. He has earned a stellar reputation as a man and company that offers its customers the best price guaranteed for their vehicle.